Hickory is a city located in the central area of North Carolina. This entire city is covered with beautiful mountains and rivers. Every year thousands of tourists plan holiday trips in this beautiful city. If you are one of them let us provide you every detail that you will need to have an amazing trip. There are top places to visit, fun and engaging activities to be engaged in and an amazing Hickory hotel extended stay property to relax on your extended holidays.

Must visit places at Hickory – a tourist should carry a list of must visit places. If you don’t have such list with you, here is the one

Henry River Mill village

If you are a nature lover this place would be ideal for you. Every lane of this village reveals the history of hickory. The main attraction of this place is its adventures feeling. Also it educates you with information of the culture and traditional history of North Carolina.

Catawba Science Center

If you love knowing about science and technology this place is going to be an ideal tourist spot for you. This place attracts travelers by its amazing features of saltwater aquarium. This place is also great for kids. If you want your kids to explore new science discoveries you should check-out this place which is located in Hickory on 243 Ave NE.

Bakers Mountain Park

This place is ideal for the tourists who love hiking. There are different and well-arranged facilities for hiking that you can enjoy unlimitedly. It will take into a different world of nature where you will find unlimited peace. There are small waterfalls which increase the scenic beauty of the park thousand times more. Simple walking with your family or children is going to be fun in such a beautifully decorated park.

Geitner-Rotary park

This is the most well-cleaned and well-decorated park in the city of Hickory where you can arrange a picnic for spending a day with your friends and family. This whole park is decorated with beautiful flowers and plants. If you want a break from your daily hectic life this place would treat you with its amazing greenery view.

Harper House/ Hickory History Center

This is the place where history speaks itself. If you possess extreme interest in history this place would amaze you with its exceptional historical evidence. Also as a bonus here you could get to see mind-blowing designer furniture. We all know Hickory is famous for its amazement on furniture. This place is a perfect example of that amazement.

Activities for travelers

This city offers you vibrant options to explore something mind-blowing. Here are some exciting things that a tourist can do

  • Furniture shopping in this city is famous for its amazing collection of furniture.
  • Hiking is a popular outdoor activity here
  • Fishing is allowed in some pools or rivers that can be a fun activity
  • If you are an adventure lover you could spend a day by enjoying the Zip line over the sky.

Transport systems

You can arrive in this city through plane or a car. Also the transport facility is highly improved here. You can get the facility of Bus, private car and train to reach your tourist destination.

All the above information should be taken under consideration while planning a trip in this beautiful city. Also do check the bookings of hotels and suites before finalizing your trip here.