The title of fourth most populous urban area in the United Kingdom belongs to the city of Leeds. Leeds is approximately 270 kilometres north of London and is home to many tourist attractions.

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Historical Attractions in Leeds

Leeds has held a borough charter since 1207. It was a popular market town in the Middle Ages and exploded with commerce during the Industrial Revolution. A city this old is bound to have some history.

Historic buildings in the area include:

  • John’s the Evangelist Church – built in 1634
  • Leeds Minster – rebuilt in 1841
  • Leeds Corn Exchange – built in 1864
  • Harewood House – built in 1771
  • Temple Newsam House – first written record 1086

If the town’s history isn’t drawing you to look up affordable hotels in Leeds already, there’s also many museums in Leeds covering a wide range of topics. Leeds is home to the Royal Armouries Museum, Thackray Medical Museum, National Coal Mining Museum, and the Leeds Industrial Museum.

History not your favourite subject, eh? If you’re more of an art buff, there’s plenty to be seen in Leeds. Various grand sculptures can be spotted throughout town and in the city square. The Leeds Art Gallery has been home to beautiful works of art since 1888.

For cinema lovers, Leeds is home to two of the oldest cinemas in the UK: The Cottage Road Cinema and Hyde Park Picture House. Various film festivals and pop-up cinemas are held throughout the year here.

Leeds is also attractive for sports fans. The city is home to football stadiums, rugby teams, and cricket clubs. The historical Headingley Golf Club was founded in 1892.