Bangalore, the capital city of the state of Karnataka is one of the biggest metropolitan cities of India. Popularly known as the Silicon Valley of India, this city houses many renowned research institutes and other education centres. The city also has a wide number of amusement parks, amazing nightlife, shopping places and restaurants to keep its people entertained and joyful. But an unfortunate fact about Bangalore is that it does not have any beaches. Yes, for any sea lover it might be a nightmare, but the main city does not have any beaches. But guess what the good part is? It has several beaches located nearby the city. That’s right! There are incredible beaches located nearby that will absolutely astound you with their incredible beauty.

When I read about the beaches near Bangalore in a magazine, I immediately made my mind to explore them on the next trip. The article really made me excited and with a high travelling spirit, I started browsing for 3 tickets of Pune to Bangalore flights on the flight booking website Intermiles. After booking a ticket from the Intermiles homepage, I and my mother and father started packing our beach essentials and then moved to a decent Bangalore hotel on reach. Here is a detailed itinerary of how I planning my beach hopping tour near Bangalore.

Enjoyed the cool breeze of Auroville Beach

The serene view of Auroville Beach

After having breakfast from the hotel, I booked a cab and headed to Auroville Beach. Located in the vicinity of Pondicherry town, Auroville Beach is a 6 hours drive from the Silicon Valley of India. People also refer to this beach as Auro Beach, lying on the shoreline of the Bay of Bengal. The shallow waters and small waves of Auro Beach make it the best place for swimming. I thoroughly enjoyed the cool breeze of the sea. But other than admiring the natural vistas, I had an amazing experience in collecting colourful seashells. If you are planning for a perfect weekend getaway with your beloved or family, heading to Auroville Beach is the best option you can avail.

Witnessed the line of palm trees at Marina Beach

Panoramic view of the palm trees at Marine Beach

Running along the Bay of Bengal, Marina Beach is considered one of the top beaches in the country. Thus, it was my next beach destination near Bangalore. The shimmery golden sand and azure blue water add up to the glamour of this beach. The beach does not allow visitors to swim in its water due to strong undercurrents. So, I witnessed the canopy of swaying palm trees and people indulging in different activities. Seeing them having so much fun, I also took part in horse riding and played beach volleyball. Even, if you do not want to take part in activities, you can always choose to witness the sunset at the beach which will definitely uplift your spirits. If you are also a sea lover like me, Marina Beach should be your travel plan.

Watched the sunset at Elliot’s Beach

Sunset view at Elliot’s Beach

After indulging in so many enthralling watersports I headed straight to Chennai’s another remarkable beach destination, Elliot’s Beach. This beach is recognised as another perfect escape from the bustling city life. Since the beach is secluded from the main city of Chennai, not many activities take place here. However, for a sea lover, the presence of the lingering essence of wet sand and cool breeze is enough to make them ecstatic. If you visit Elliot’s Beach, I would recommend you to come during the break of dawn to watch the sunrise. You can also laze around on the beach or dip your toes into the cool waters of the Bay of Bengal.

Went for a boat ride at Paradise Beach

Captivating view of Paradise Beach

The next beach destination on my list was Paradise Beach, located in Puducherry. Doing absolute justice to its name, the beach is a heaven for beach lovers. To reach the beach, you have to cross the Chunnambar backwaters via boat. At Paradise Beach, I spent the later evening savouring local delicacies from the food stalls. The pristine beach surrounding a line of palm trees and crystal clear waters offered me next-level tranquility. This picturesque beach destination away from the congestion of daily lives is the most sought-after place to plan your weekend trip. At Paradise Beach, you can take shelter under the shades that will keep you away from the scorching sun. You can also savour the local delicacies here to your heart’s content.

Admired the scenic beauty of Bekal Beach

Unusual view of the Bekal Beach

After savouring local delicacies from Paradise Beach, I booked a cab and went to Bekal Beach to watch the sunrise the next morning. Situated on the Malabar Coast, Bekal Beach remains one of the scenic beaches in the country. If you remember the song ‘Tu Hi Re’ from the cult classic Bombay that featured the perfect backdrop of boulders and water crashing along the shore, then you must know that the epic song was shot on this beach itself. At this iconic beach, I witnessed the sunrise which was worth-watching scenery. From Bangalore, this destination is an 8-hour long ride. The time might sound a bit long but once you set foot at the Bekal Beach, you will be spell-bound as this place offers a brilliant scenery of the Bekal Fort and the Arabian Sea.

Hopping from one beach to another was both a blissful and tiring experience for me. However, I would still recommend you to save time and admire the beauty of each of these beaches at your own pace. Trust me, these exotic places are too good to miss.