Being an immigrant to a country can be a difficult and scary time. Most of the time, the rights of immigrants are unknown to them and it can lead to serious complications, whether it be seeking employment or residence.

Looking for immigration solicitors free advice in Leeds should be the first step. Legal representation can allow for the proper understanding of rights and mean the difference between gaining a work visa or permit, certificates of approval, and more.

Comprehensive Immigration Services

An immigration representative in Leeds will be able to offer advice on a plethora of different topics and services. This can and should include things such as the following:

  • All points-based applications
  • Obtaining certificates of sponsorship
  • Residents permits, registration certifications, and cards
  • Domestic workers applications
  • Entry clearance for children, spouses, and other family members
  • Certificates of approval
  • Visa applications
  • Asylum applications
  • Asylum claims
  • Bail applications

Whatever the case may be, having proper representation can be a difference-maker. It is okay to not be familiar with the laws and regulations but having someone that does is a right that all immigrants have. A Leeds immigration representative can fill that need.

Basic Rights for All

The most important thing that a Leeds immigration representative can provide is access to basic rights for all. They are familiar with the laws, regulations, and the paperwork needed in these situations. It can be scary to be an immigrant in a new country. Let a legal professional help throughout this normally tough process.