The Nile river flows through 11 African countries, so if you choose a Nile river cruise, you can be sure you’ll be seeing and experiencing a wide range of sites, activities and cultures. But there are almost too many things you could possibly see and do on your cruise – it can be hard to know which things to pick! Read our recommendations for the top attractions to put top of your bucket list for your Nile cruise.

A Must See: The Pyramids of Giza

You absolutely must see the Pyramids of Giza when on a Nile cruise. This will likely be recommended to you many times – and for good reason. It’s an absolute wonder, and a feat of engineering, that is quite literally ‘awe some’. They are one of the only ancient wonders of the world to still exist to this day, so it really is a once in a lifetime experience to see them, that many may not be able to in the future. The pyramids are 4,500 years old, and the highest pyramid comes in at 147 metres. They are a testament to how incredible the ancient Egyptians were at engineering.

Make Sure To See The City Of Cairo

Cairo is an incredible, bustling city, where you’ll be able to get a real taste of city life on your Nile river cruise. When in Cairo, you should go to the market, sample local foods, and soak all the culture in. You should also ensure you visit the Egyptian Museum, where you’ll be able to see artefacts from ancient Egyptian history. They even have a Royal Mummy Room that you can visit, should you like to know more about that side of Egyptian history and burials. Cairo has served as the backdrop for many famous films across the years, such as James Bond The Spy Who Loved Me, and many more – so you can spot different scenes from your favourite films, too!

Visit Luxor For Ancient Temples

If you love ancient history, Luxor is an absolute must-visit. It dates all the way back from 1392 BC, and is absolutely full of amazing ancient temples, statues and buildings. If you love incredible architecture, you need to visit this ‘open air museum’ that will fascinate and entertain you for hours.


If you want to see something a little different when on your Nile cruise, you need to visit Abydos. It’s an amazing site with a fascinating history. For years it was a place for burials and was dedicated to the cult go Osiris, who was the God of the dead. It’s an amazing place to learn all about Egyptian burial grounds and rights, as well as seeing the Gallery of the Kings, which has an amazing list of all the pharaohs, as well as many ancient Egyptian drawings that have mystified crowds for years – as it even appears that some of the drawings include modern machines in them!