When it comes to choosing your vacation destination, it might be a confusing task. Whether you are planning a family trip or a romantic weekend getaway, there are endless options to choose from. However, if you are planning for an exotic and diverse holiday experience, there is no better alternative than Southern India.

South India offers a unique opportunity to experience everything from serene waterfalls to the land of temples; from heritage sites to wildlife destinations; from nightclubs to romantic backwaters. In fact, this land is diverse and gives ample of options to its visitors to explore. If you still have a dilemma, here are some of the reasons why you should choose a South India tour for your next holiday trip.

Experience the Wildlife

South India boasts vast tropical forests which includes the amazing flora and fauna. At present, the dense forests of South India have the most significant number of tigers and elephants in India. You can visit Bandipur, Periyar, Mudumalai or Nagarhole National Park for wildlife spotting. The road trip to Ooty should be taken through the Mudumalai national park and the Bandipur National Parks. The route offers an adventurous journey as you can spot the wilddeer, peacocks, mongoose, and even elephants.

Natural Wonders and Simplicity

If you are looking for the perfect honeymoon destination, you cannot overlook the honeymoon paradises of Southern India. Visit hill stations like Munnar or Ooty which is considered as ‘the Queen of Hill station or Araku Valley for the exotic coffee plantations and picturesque landscapes. You must also consider spending a day at the houseboat in the backwaters which are situated in Alleppey, Kerala. Backwaters offer a mesmerizing sight during the sunset and thus, Alleppey is often known as the, “Venice of east”.

Take the Temple Tours

Southern India is known for its rich heritage and archaeological wonders. The temples reflect the Indian history and signify the different religious faiths.Most of the temples in the southern part of India bear witnesses of Dravidian architecture.

Apart from the popular pilgrim destination in Tirupati, the Mecca Mosque of Hyderabad,the Jewish Synagogue in Kochi and the Namdroling Nyingmapa Tibetan Monastery in Karnataka are popular historical sites. Other heritage sites are located in Mysore, Mahabalipuram, Thanjavur and Hampi. In fact, Hampi is actually a UNESCO World Heritage site and it is a must visit that you can explore with Deccan Odyssey train.

Experience the Grandeur of French Culture

If you want to taste the French culture, you should consider spending a weekend at Pondicherry. The vibrant city features some of the most beautiful French architecture, in the form of temples, heritage buildings, and the French Quarter. A relaxing visit to Auroville is also recommended if you wish to rejuvenate and relax.

Fun and Adventure in Goa

Goa is the ultimate tourist destination for travellers of all ages. Explore the pristine beaches, take part in the adventure activities, and treat your taste buds with the exotic seafood. Apart from the lively local pubs, Casinos, and glamorous nightlife, Goa also attracts a massive crowd of travellers for its food and music festivals. The Sunburn music festival of Goa is one of the most awaited events of the country.

Experience the diverse culture of South Indian Festivals

The South Indian festival tour offers a unique opportunity to look at the diverse culture of the land. Apart from Dusshera and Diwali, the two other major festivals of Kerala are Pongal and Onam. Other important festivals include Dance Festival, Float Festival, Bhogi Pongal and Mattu Pongal. The festival tours of South India are eventful and adventurous.

Every year thousands of travellers visit the Southern part of India to take part in these festivals. There are several games or competitions, lighting arrangements and dance performances that are organised. They also remain open for mass participation. Usually, the festival tours start from Chennai and cover the important heritage cities and sites like Mahabalipuram and Trivandrum. They show the unique culture and thus, you can witness all the rituals as well.


The lush green tropical forests and coastal paradise of Southern India is the perfect getaway for the nature lovers, bag packers as well as romantic couples. There is something available for every person’s interest. Plan a trip to the southern part of India soon.