Asian cuisine is very popular around the world and anywhere you go it is served in almost all restaurants you can find.

Asian cuisines like Vietnamese, Thai, and Chinese are not just delicious but also it is known to be healthy because of the recipes that largely includes vegetables and spices to make it more flavorful.

One of the main differences when it comes to the traditional Asian food compared to the other cuisines is that it is not as processed as what Western food is like because the ingredients that are used are usually more natural and are grown without the heavy use of chemicals.

With the lesser intervention of chemical pesticides, growth enhancers and other unnatural ways of farming and instilled the natural ways of it, the end results of the food that are served in Asia is somewhat good for your health and it also has lesser saturated fats and carbohydrates as well.

For example, Thai food, in general, is consist of a different variety of curries and rice just like Indian food, as well as steamed and grilled meats, but Thai style frying is completely different because of the type of oils and sauces which are not usual to Western cuisine that totally adds more exotic flavor to the taste of the food.

Why is Asian cuisine very flavorful than Western food? Find out here

If you are wondering what is it about Asian cuisine that makes it very unique is that the style of cooking which uses a combination of salt, sugar, and other spices to their food that adds more flavor, sweetness and the flavor of umami which you can experience at the best Asian fusion restaurant in Melbourne.

Umami is a very popular and a regular flavor found in Asian cuisine. It is one of the five basic tastes which is described to be a savory and meaty flavor that comes from the presence of the amino acid glutamate or the glutamic acid. These are the compounds that are named inosinate or guanylate that are usually present in high-protein foods.

The umami and the unique taste of Asian cuisine, this is because the style and the cooking methods of these ingredients usually are done against each other that somehow provides taste that mixes bitterness and sweetness at the same time, but these are mixed or combined in equal amounts and with the proper ingredients that are used to provide that unique taste.

With that being said, Thai, Chinese, Indian, Sri Lankan, and Vietnamese foods have distinct flavors that you cannot find in Western foods. One distinct flavor that you can identify with Asian foods is its spiciness and the strong aroma of the food’s flavor and smell compared to Western food.

What makes Asian cuisine more flavorful than Western food is that most of the dishes are prepared thoroughly through longer periods of by marinating and adding more flavors before it is set up to be cooked unlike Western food which is only rubbed or applied with usually salt, pepper, and few spices and herbs to have a lighter flavor compared to Asian foods just like the Modern Fusion Asian Cuisine.