The O1 Visa is issued by the United States of America to those who have shown extraordinary brilliance in science, arts, education, athletics or business. Now, why does anyone need the O1 Visa? Any individual who has done exemplary work in the above-mentioned fields wants to work in the US; he/she can opt for the O1 Visa. Arts here include television or Film industry.

The O1 Visa is further bifurcated into two categories:

  1. O1A Visa: The O1 A Visa is meant for all those who have done extremely well in science, education, business or sports.
  2. O1B Visa: The O1 B Visa, on the other hand, is entirely dedicated to the people who have shown extraordinary skills in arts, television or film production.

The O1 Visa’s validity extends up to 3 years. The interesting part is that an individual has to ‘prove’ to the US that he/she has shown some extraordinary abilities in their work. They can do this by showing nationally or internationally recognized awards or trophies. There are multiple other ways to do so. We will know about them one by one.

What are the Criteria to obtain O1 Visa

  • Received national or international recognition in any of the above-mentioned fields.
  • Member of nationally or internationally recognized associations.
  • Any article of the applicant has been published in magazines or journals of national or international repute.
  • The applicant has gained media’s attention due to the extraordinary work in a particular field.
  • The applicant earns a handsome salary for his service.
  • The applicant has created high records in a particular field of work. For instance, if you are an actor and want to obtain the O1 B Visa, you will have to show the sales chart of your films, the sponsor brands that were associated with you, your awards and recognition, etc.

You must be able to fulfill at least three of the conditions. The O1 A and O1 B Visas demand your exemplary work. The more you give details of the same; more are your chances of obtaining the Visa.