Captiva Island is a beautiful Lee County located besides its sister island Sanibel in Florida. It is popular for its quiet ambiance, beautiful clear water and white sandy beaches. Sun bathing and water sports probably comes to mind, while picturing a beach day.

People wonder what they will do if the beach gets soaked with rain. You don’t need to feel depressed, if the weather is a bit wet on both these friendly islands. The beach is quiet because of less people and there are rain storms that can churn the ocean and sprinkle beaches with more seashells than usual. Make sure to find Captiva Island rentals at a beach resort, so that you can enjoy rainy day pleasantly indoors with the best ocean views from the patio.

Rainy day fun at Captiva Islands

 Enjoy indoor shell peeping:

 Shelling is an activity that no visitors to Captiva can miss even on a rainy day. Shell draw people from around the world to tour this destination. On the rainy day, you can learn more about these sea beauties. At bailey-Mathews National Shell Museum, you will see thousands of shells from the sea all around the world.

Kids will have fun watching live shell tanks and playing shell games. Visitors are fascinated with the displayed seashell artwork. It is the only shell museum that offers mollusk tank talks and educates tourists about creatures inhabiting these pretty seashells.

Spa day:

 Perfect retreat from frightful rainy weather outside is to pamper oneself at the spa. Enjoy an ocean view pedicure at an upscale spa facility decorated with the beachy vibes. You can even opt for massages, hair services or skin care treatment.

Enjoy the tropical food and drinks:

 To enjoy a drizzly day, indulge in Caribbean infusion cuisine and tropical drink. Mojitos are the popular drinks. You can even find soups, salads, sandwiches, entrees, and other seafood that is delicious. There is a Bistro in Captiva that offers a full menu but desserts are out of the world. They even have a live band that plays rock classics.

Hit the beach even, when it drizzles:

Even when you are careful about the weather rain showers are unpredictable. So, when it drizzles hit the beaches to seek out the beautiful seashells. Carry a beach bag to collect shells in a ‘Sanibel Stoop’ [nickname for bent body position].