When you have people come to stay from out of town, you may want to show them around your town. There may not be enough room for everyone in the family car. It can also be fun to ride with your friends to a school dance or after graduation. A coach or minibus can help you accomplish this.

Choose Your Activities

You may want to go one place only or simply take a fun drive. You can use quality coach hire services in Durham for a variety of activities. Hire a vehicle for the entire day to visit different places. You can have a lot of fun visiting local museums or restaurants. Teens may like to be picked up early so that they can enjoy the coach ride with their friends on the way to the school dance. This is also a great idea for birthday parties or bachelorette parties.

  • Tours of the city
  • Fun with friends
  • Parties on the go


When you are ready to rent the coach or minibus, think about how long you may need it. You may need it for an entire day or only a few hours. Check on the prices. You can often get a price that is less per hour when you rent for a longer period of time. Plan you activities well to make sure that the vehicle is returned on time, as well.

A coach hire can make the entire party more adventurous. You can visit several different places in one night. It can be fun to surprise the bride with an all-night party around town or treat your kids to a birthday party ride to their favourite restaurant. Hire a coach today, and let the fun begin.