Many might think of Banglore only as the city famous for being an IT hub in the country. But, Bangalore is more than just an ordinary metropolitan city of Karnataka. The capital of the state, Bangalore city, has so much to offer to its tourists, including the lush green scenic points and countless shopping opportunities.

The following list best includes the top seven tourist places in Bangalore that are sure to interest the people visiting the silicon valley of India. Check out the indigo flight booking to plan your travel to Bangalore.

7 Best Tourist Places In Bangalore:

1. Bangalore Palace

History makes people have curiosity about the past and travel to uncover more information about the history. Bangalore Palace is one such place that offers a tiny glimpse of how the riches lived in the past. The palace is a famous part of the touring list of people visiting Bangalore. The premises are often used for musical concerts at the huge park space in front of the palace.

2. Lalbagh Botanical Garden

The Lalbagh Gardens in Bangalore is a popular botanical garden of the city, offering stunning views of the area. The garden hosts flower shows on the independence and republic day of India at the infamous glasshouse of the gardens. The garden is perfectly designed in a way that the lush greens, lake, and serene fixtures of the park further enhance the experience for visitors.

3. Cubbon Park

Stunning gardens and parks of Bangalore city would leave you spell-bound and in awe of the natural beauty on earth. Tourists often spend time at the famous Cubbon Park to witness tranquillity right amidst the bustling city. The park offers a unique mix of flora and fauna, boasting as many as 6000 trees in several species inside the park.

4. Bannerghatta National Park

Touring Bangalore is incomplete without giving due attention to its gardens and green lands. Step up from ordinary walks at the park to witness wildlife at its best in the national park in Bangalore. Bannerghatta National Park houses elephants, wild boars, leopards, sloth bears, etcetera.

5. Freedom Park

Earlier a functioning jail and now a full-fledged park with water fountains, book museum, courtyard, landscaping, etcetera is the Freedom Park at Bangalore. Freedom Park is the central jail premises of Bangalore, a substantial 21 acres area covered in greens, and a museum now. Tourists and locals visit Freedom park for its unique jail museum and sculpture court in the park.

6. Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace

The list of gardens and the popular park is never-ending when it comes to the best tourist place in Bangalore. However, historical places like Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace have a special place inside the hearts of visitors and locals. The elegant palace is built in teak with expressive arches and pillars throughout the palace.

7. ISKCON Temple

ISKCON temples are celebrated on their own everywhere in the world. However, many must not be aware of the specialty of this particular ISKCON temple in Bangalore yet. ISKCON Temple Bangalore is the largest ISKCON temple globally, making it a popular attraction for tourists in Bangalore.