For winters lovers, Maharashtra is a defined place to enjoy the pleasure and happiness of chilling weather. A number of hill stations, natural attractions, villages, mountains, etc will attract tourists to choose Maharashtra for the next winter vacation.

Let’s know how will be the top tourist destinations of Maharashtra.

  1. Mumbai:

Mumbai, the capital city of Maharashtra is also the best destination to visit in February. The city looks very busy and hurries, even though some attractions of Mumbai seeks everyone attention towards them. What to enjoy in Mumbai means serene beaches, natural attractions, walkways, etc.

Top activities to do in Mumbai:

  • The first thing to do in Mumbai is visiting Marine Drive. Marine Drive is a long walkway alongside the Arabian sea. Enjoying the cool breeze and spending some time here is the best thing to do in Mumbai while travelling through Deccan Odyssey train.
  • During winters, visiting national parks is the ideal time. And the national parks should be visited in Mumbai are Sanjay Gandhi National Park and Karnala Bird Sanctuary.
  • Chowpatty beach in Mumbai is very popular for its scenic attractions. For food lovers, Chowpatty beach is the best destination. Here you can taste pav bhaji, wada pav, chaat, gola, etc.
  • Shopping in Mumbai is the must-do thing to grab whatever you want. Mumbai is like a shopping paradise and the best-known shopping zones are Chowri bazaar, Dharavi, etc.
  1. Nashik:

Nashik is a weekend gateway of Maharashtra tourism with beautiful and unspoiled natural attractions. The very well-known Nashik for vineyards is home to many quaint small hill stations, old temples, and natural attractions like waterfalls, caves, hills, etc a lot. Simply, Nashik is the ideal spot for winters in Maharashtra.

Top activities to do in Nashik:

  • No one misses to visit vineyards in Nashik. The famous vineyard of Nashik is Sula Vineyard. This vineyard is a great producer of wine in India. To experience the vineyards means Nashik is the best place.
  • For spiritual seekers, Sapthashrungi is the well-known hill station in Nashik. Here many temples and scenic beauty views of the hill station attracts tourists heart.
  • Pandavleni caves are the best spots for history buffs to get known about the Buddhist beliefs scripted in caves.
  • There is no dearth for waterfalls in Nashik to enjoy the chilling weather. And the major falls are Dudhsagar falls, Dugarwadi falls, Dabhosa falls, and Vihigaon waterfalls.
  • Nashik is also a desired place for adventure seekers. Trekking is the best thing to do here and the spots are Mulher Trek, Salher Trek, and Dhodap trek.
  1. Tadoba National Park:

Tadoba National Park is the wildlife attractions in Maharashtra and it is the must-visit place during winters. Here you can witness the wildlife of Maharashtra region. Winters are the ideal time for visiting national parks because at this time animals will freely roam in the jungle due to the cool climate. Then we can capture the beautiful pics of animals in our cams.

Wildlife attractions of Tadoba are Tigers, chital, Sloth bear, Indian Bison, Wild Boar, Leopard, Neel Gal, Peacock, Fish Eagle, and hawk Eagle etc.

Top activities to do in Tadoba National Park:

  • As usual, take a safari to round up the natural and wildlife attractions of Tadoba National Park. During winters you may have the luck to see tigers.
  • Visiting some places in the park known for different attractions and they are Moharli zone, Tadoba zone, and Kolsa zone. Here you can spot easily different endangered animals.
  • Never miss visiting lake points in the park. Here you can capture the beautiful attractive bird species. The lake points of the park are Tadoba lake and Kolsa lake.
  1. Ajanta and Ellora Caves:

Ajanta and Ellora caves in Aurangabad are the major tourist attractions in Maharashtra. These caves are the best examples to see the bygone era arts, crafts, and paintings, etc. Ajanta and Ellora caves are known for the beautiful fine arts like frescoes, miniature paintings, intricate carvings, etc a lot. Apart from arts and crafts, these caves are known numerous temples dedicated to Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism. Ajanta caves comprise 29 caves and Ellora caves comprise 34 caves.

Things to do in Ajanta and Ellora Caves:

  • The important caves should be visited in Ajanta caves are cave 1, 2, 4, and 17. These caves are very popular for murals, paintings, Buddhist temples, viharas, and grand doorways.
  • The important caves should be visited in Ellora caves are cave 1,2 and 15. These three caves are known for ornate pillars, monastic cells, great carvings of Buddha, and Dasavataras of Lord Vishnu.
  • Don’t forget to see the wonderful paintings of these caves which are made with natural colors.
  • A very important temple shouldn’t miss in Ellora caves is the Kailashnath temple. This temple is very famous for marvelous architectural styles.
  1. Elephant caves:

A wonderful historical attraction on the Elephant Island is Elephant Caves. These caves are classified into two groups dedicated to Hinduism and Buddhism. Totally there are five Hindu caves and 2 Buddhist caves. Another important tourist attraction of these caves is alongside the Arabian sea. Due to an island, the Arabian sea is close to these caves. However, Elephanta caves is a wonderful place to seek the historical attractions of Maharashtra.

Things to do in Elephant caves:

  • The best thing to experience in these caves is intricate architectural styles. The rock-cut architectural styles of these caves are very popular.
  • Never miss visiting Hindu temples in these caves because temples dedicated to Hindu deities are known for the best intricate architectural styles.
  • A major attraction of this cave is the large and tall structure of Sadhashiva means Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva with three faces is the major importance of this structure.
  • Cave 1 is the best and popular cave in Elephant Caves. In this cave, different Hindu deities structures are the major attractions.

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